So what is a Coffee Husk?

They're logs made from
coffee husks, not coffee grinds...

Using the ‘Husk’ is a layer that covers the coffee bean and need removing before the beans are roasted (its goes a dark red-brown colour when dried). The fruits of the coffee plant are known as coffee berries and contain the coffee beans inside, you usually find a couple of beans inside each fruit, which is then use to prepare the coffee after the beans are roasted.

Do Coffee Logs smell like coffee?

No, Coffee Logs have a neutral aroma. We think they smell similar to wood as they burn.

Can I use Coffee Logs on a BBQ or in a firepit?

Coffee Logs are the perfect fuel log for warming your home in a wood burner or multi-fuel stove, firepits, chimineas, or other outdoor fires. They are not designed or recommended for barbecues.

How long do they burn for?

Coffee Logs heating briquettes will burn for approximately an hour when used in closed appliances with well-managed air flow, such as multi-fuel stoves or wood burners. It’s best to consult your appliance guidelines to optimise the burn time. We recommend adding no more than three coffee fire logs at a time as they kick out a lot of heat.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, Coffee Logs are packaged in plastic-free paper that is fully recyclable in the UK.

Introducing the newest addition to our sustainable product line – Coffee Husk Logs! Made from recycled coffee husks, these logs are perfect for eco-conscious individuals looking for an alternative to traditional firewood, each log will burn for around an hour. We recommend using 2 logs per burn with kindling and natural firestarter from our accessory range. Coffee Husk Logs are environmentally friendly and versatile.

They burn hotter and longer than traditional firewood but don’t actually smell of coffee when they burn they omit a natural burning aroma, providing more value for your money. Plus, by choosing to use our Coffee Husk Logs, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping to divert waste from landfills. Whether you use them indoors for your fireplace or outdoors for your fire pit, Coffee Husk Logs provide a sustainable, eco-friendly option.

By using our Coffee Husk Logs, you’re making a small change that can have a big impact on the environment. So, if you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact and enjoy a cozy fire at the same time, make the switch to our Coffee Husk Logs today!